Friday, May 25, 2007

Tonight, I Got Guted.

I read on Gothamist this morning that actor Steve Guttenberg was going to be visiting the UCB Theater in New York tonight for a feature called "Inside Joke." I guess it's kind of like an Inside the Actors Studio except without James Lipton.

Hm, I thought, Steve Guttenberg was pretty fantastic in Short Circuit, and the more I think about it, I've got nothing else planned tonight. Maybe I'll go.

Steve Guttenberg

And then the article in Gothamist linked to an archive of Steve Guttenberg Facts -- like Chuck Norris or Vin Diesel or Bruce Schneier facts,'s tough to explain. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Steve Guttenberg thinks that iMacs look neat, but he's just never got around to using one.

  • Steve Guttenberg usually tips between 15 and 20 percent depending on the type and quality of the service he receives.

  • Sometimes, Steve Guttenberg buys a Diet Coke instead of a normal Coke.

  • The farthest Steve Guttenberg can throw a bowling ball is probably no farther than you can.

  • Steve Guttenberg may or may not have enjoyed the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I don't know what it is, but these made me giggle like a moron at my desk this morning, and after all that I decided I needed to see the Gute in person.

It was a good time. Steve Guttenberg seems like a really down-to-earth kind of guy. He talked about how as an actor he'd love to only ever be in great successful movies, but when it comes down to it, sometimes you just need a paycheck, so you can't always be in Academy Award winning films. It's the kind of sentiment you know is true about every actor, but it's not something they'd usually just say outright. I respect that about him, he doesn't take himself or his job too seriously. He loves what he does, he's successful at what he does, and so good for him.

Also, the UCB Theater was pretty nice. Really small, but the perfect size for the kinds of shows they put on. I'll definitely have to make it a point to go back again some other night.

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