Monday, April 30, 2007

I spent 24 hours in NYC and all I got was an apartment

I went to New York City this past Thursday and Friday to find an apartment for the Summer. I met a broker through the SA Forums who worked for Citi Habitats in New York that helped get it all figured out.

I ended up getting a place on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, furnished, for four months, at (what I consider) a reasonable price. So that's good. Let's take a tour:

The front door of my apartment

Here's the front door of the place. Completely unassuming, right? Who would think that an ultra-cool super-stud will soon live just upstairs from here?

Let's take a step inside, shall we?

My living room

This is the living room, from the door to the apartment. Keep in mind when we saw the place someone else was living there, so pretty much everything that isn't furniture won't be mine.

See that bed-looking thing in the bottom right corner? That's a bed. On the other side of the bed...

My kitchen a kitchen! Also most of the rest of the bed. Off to the right is the bathroom, just in case you thought I was going to have to pee in the sink. Gross.

After we saw the apartment and got all the paperwork out of the way, dad and I took a short (40-minute) subway ride downtown to see where I'd really be living: the Google building.

The Google building

Google occupies the 4th and 6th floor of this building. It's worth it to mention this building takes up an entire city block. So it's pretty big.

And that's a short photo tour of New York City. Expect more pictures once I get there for real. Or heck, stop by any time you want.

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