Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More fun Facebook facts

For whatever reason, Facebook Flyers Pro stopped showing user counts for most of the last couple days. But now it appears to be back in action, which means more probably-useless data about Facebook users!

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US, UK and Canadian Users by Age Range

For all three countries, user counts hit their peak at 19 (don't we all), but it looks like Canada and the UK have a lot more older users in their ranks compared to the US. Nearly a quarter of Canada's users are over 33. Also of note is the relatively small amount of 13- to 17-year-old users in the UK.

Users in Major Cities in US, UK and Canada

Next I did a little comparison of Facebook users in major cities to the population of those cities.

America's most Facebook-y city is Philadelphia, with 18.1% of residents using Facebook. Second is Chicago at 16.4%, then Dallas at 15.8%. In all, however, only about 6.6% of America is on Facebook.

About 10.6% of UK residents are on Facebook. I also found that there are more Facebook users from the city of Manchester than there are residents of the city proper itself! This is probably due to the fact that a lot of people consider themselves from Manchester without actually technically living there, instead being counted in the Greater Manchester Urban Area. The UK handles cities in a weird way (see here). Aside from this, the city of Sheffield boasts a 45.9% adoption rate, which is pretty impressive.

But that's nothing compared to Canada. 58.9% of Vancouverites, 53.0% of Torontonians and nearly 50% of Edmontonians are Facebook users. 22.3% of the entire country is on Facebook. Way to be, Canada.

As before, you can view/export all of the data used (and some that wasn't) right here.

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