Monday, October 22, 2007

Wikipedia: The (really creepy) eyes have it.

I'll admit, I spend an inordinate amount of time on Wikipedia every day. I literally re-enact this comic at least twice a day. And today's Wiki-wandering promptly in a cold sweat shortly after I saw the following fundraising banner:

Seriously, though, click to donate

No, no, it's not the fact that only three people have donated so far (and one of them German!). It's the video that plays when you click on it. See it here but be warned -- wiki-founder Jimmy Wales' petrifying stare lurks within.

Here's what it looks like to have your soul pierced.

And here's what it looks like to have the guy to your right's soul pierced.


I think it's some sort of veiled threat: Donate, or experience his steely green wrath.

By the way, two posts inside of two hours. Now I don't have to post for months!

Update: Now in hi-res for all your Halloween mask needs.

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